Andy’s Story

How it Started

The Flounder Fanatic™ lure came directly from frustration of losing so many flounder. I had a photo of a flounder I had rigged on a homemade straight pole. I stuck them through the lower jaw and spread them out to take the picture.

Looking at it made me realize I was fishing all wrong. Took my first try at making my own jigs—bending hooks, beating split shot onto the hooks I bent. Most of the hooks would break when bending. I threw away a bucket of broken hooks.

My first jig I made and took fishing—I got 5 bites and caught 5 flounder. I knew I had it right. I knew I was on to something.

I went from losing 8 out of 10 to catching 8 out of 10. When it comes to flounder fishing, that ain’t bad.

Flounder bites sideways

Therefore, I made a hook to fit the Flounder’s mouth, so that when he bites, he’s caught. I fished it one and a half seasons to make sure it worked before I agreed to have it put on the market. I knew it was good.