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3/4 oz and 1 1/2 oz Flounder Fanatic™

How to Fish with a Bobber—1/8 oz Flounder Fanatic™ Jig

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Catching Flounder – More Methods and Baits

How to Fish with a Bobber—1/8 oz Flounder Fanatic™ Jig

1/8 oz Flounder Fanatic™ Jig

My favorite way is with an extra heavy cork. Betts® heavy oval bobber is perfect. Fish 1 to 4 feet deep. I catch flounder in 1 to 10 feet of water. Casting further will catch more.

I pop it. Pull it slow short distances, or wind in slow. I try to let the fish tell me what they want at that time. It seems to change with the tide and the sun or clouds, or the wind. Let the fish tell you.

I cast as far as possible. I wade a lot. I cast down the bank. I prefer grassy ones, but flounder can be anywhere, including at your feet. Fish it all the way back to you. I’ve caught plenty of fish real close.

If you see bait jumping, crank in fast to cast to it as quickly as possible. Lots of times, it’s a flounder chasing it. The Flounder Fanatic™ Jig also catches drum and trout too. I caught 16 drum one day. Didn’t miss any—they were biting hard. I caught lots of drum and a nice trout too.

Where I can, I cast to the bank on other side as close to the edge as possible. Fish lure all the way back. I’ve had flounder come up in 10 feet of water to grab a bait 2 feet deep. Most of the time, the cork is just gone. But sometimes it will just drift off. If the cork moves, set the hook. I’ve caught flounder when it looked like a pin fish or lizard fish were pecking at it. Nice ones too. I fish holes, points, cuts, and ditches. The Flounder Fanatic™ Jig allows you to fish where it would be hard to fish a regular flounder rig.

Artificial baits

Hold bait beside jig to make sure which way is up. Rig as normal, just come out the side of bait. 4” or larger baits work best for bigger fish. I prefer scented baits such as Berkley Gulp 4” Pogy or 4” Shrimp White or New Penny. In that order, rig strip baits as you normally would. Rig live baits through eyes or nose with live bait keeper. Very Important: Bait keepers come with lures.