Looking for Bait

When I locate the bait, I use a cast net suitable and according to the size of the bait and the depth of the water. For very small bait, a Betts® 1/4” mesh #25 Series is good. For the price conscious, the Tyzac™ #4N, 1/4:” Nylon Series net will also work.

The best all around bait net for medium and above size bait is the Betts Old Salt™ Series, 3/8” mesh, which has the reputation of being the best and most dependable net made. For the price conscious, the Betts® Hi Tider™ Series, #HMPB, works fine in water under 5’ deep.

In all of the series, a 6’ and 7’ works good. If you can cast a 4’ net you can cast a 7’ net.

For cast nets—see complete product line here.