Flexi Draggin and Billy Boy Bobbers


Flexi Draggin Weights

No Snags – Add on Weights

The Flexi Draggin™ design does more than keep your line and hook down. When additional weight is needed, just add on more or vice versa. When used with a 3 way swivel, it keeps the lure level on return since a 4” – 6” rod tip movement will not lift the weight off the bottom. The shape of the weight slides through grass, brush, oysters, rocks, etc.

It can be rigged with a 3 way swivel or as in line weight. A great way to slow troll, drift, cast, or bank fish.

Its slender flexible and smooth design makes it a very versatile and productive weight.

Size Stock # Pcs.
1/2 oz 708-2-3-3 3
1 oz 708-10-2-3 2
2 oz 708-20-1-3 1

Big Boy Bobbers

Extra heavy to cast further

When you need the weight to get you to the hot spot or to prevent from spooking the fish, the Big Boy Heavy Bobber gets you there. Really works well with the Flounder Fanatic Jig #901-8-3-0.


Size Stock
2-1/2″ B250-HVY-50RW
2-1/2″ M250W-HVY-2RW

Rigging Methods using Accessories above

Rigging without Bobber

Rig with 3-way Swivel

Flexi Draggin™ weight designed to easily add more weight

Carolina® Rig with Flexi Draggin™ Weights

Flexi Draggin Rig

Tie rod line to Flexi Draggin™ swivel. Tie loop in 24” leader and fasten to snap so that you can add more Flexi Draggin™ weights if necessary.

Rigging with weighted Billy Bay™ Big Boy Heavy Bobber™

Big Boy Heavy Bobber rig