Bottom Fishing

New hook designed to fit flounder’s mouth

  • Weedless hook.
  • When the flounder bites, the hook is set. No more lost flounder, instant hook up. Can be used with live bait, strip/cut bait, and artificial bait.
  • Rubber live bait keeper is enclosed to keep live bait on hook.
  • Made for drifting, trolling or casting.
  • Specially designed lead body keeps hook in ready position. How To Instructions on Package
Size Stock # Pcs.
3/4 oz 900-34-2-0 2
1 ½ oz 900-15-2-0 2

How to Fish

The Bottom Flounder Fanatic™ can be rigged with live, artificial or strip bait. It can be fished similar to the jig, but really works good for drifting or slow trolling. Don’t forget the surf is a good place for this too. Adjust size to surf conditions and keep a tight line. You can use deep dropping techniques also. Just tie it on and go fishing. No more rigging hook, lead, etc.

Very Important on the Flounder Fanatic™ is to set the hook when you get a bite, not like the old method. Remember, when he bites, he is caught.

Live Bait Rigging Video

Artificial Bait Rigging Video

Rigging is different because hook is shaped different (see video below).