Jig Fishing

New hook designed to fit flounder’s mouth

  • Weedless hook.
  • When the flounder bites, the hook is set. No more lost flounder, instant hook up. Can be used with live bait, strip/cut bait, and artificial bait.
  • Rubber live bait keeper is enclosed to keep live bait on hook.
  • Excellent for drifting, casting, slow trolling, and cast and retrieve.
  • How To Instructions on Package
Size Stock
1/8 oz 901-8-3-0

How To Fish

A very versatile jig for casting, retrieving, drifting, and also great with bobbers.

This jig works great with live bait, artificial, and also strip bait.

Rig the artificial the conventional way by inserting hook into head, but push hook out of side, not bottom of lure. Live bait rigging is standard technique. Hook through the nostril or eye. A bait keeper is enclosed with each pack. See videos below for rigging techniques.

Live Bait Rigging Video

Artificial Bait Rigging Video

Rigging Methods

Video on Rigging Methods – Andy shows you 5 different ways that you can rig this jig.

Rigging with weighted Billy Bay™ Big Boy Heavy Bobber™

Big Boy Heavy Bobber rig

Rigging with Billy Bay™ Low Country Lightning® Bobbers

Low Country Bobber Rig

Tie a leader “24” or according to depth. Billy Bay™ also makes an “Adjustable Depth” bobber for quick depth change.

See complete line of Billy Bay™ Low Country Lightning® Bobbers.

Rigging without Bobber

Rig with 3-way Swivel

Flexi Draggin™ weight designed to easily add more weight

Carolina® Rig with Flexi Draggin™ Weights

Flexi Draggin Rig

Tie rod line to Flexi Draggin™ swivel. Tie loop in 24” leader and fasten to snap so that you can add more Flexi Draggin™ weights if necessary.

Basic Carolina® Rig

Basic Carolina Rig

Casting and Retrieving

Cast to target. Can let the tide drift it or cast and retrieve all the way in. On retrieve, use different ways:

  1. Pop it
  2. Pull slow short distance and stop
  3. Wind in slow
  4. Combination of all

Observe which way catches fish. In other words, the fish will let you know which retrieve works best.